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Large Format Printing and Photo Kiosk Functionality Without the Kiosk Price!

FotoZoomer is the easiest system to use for large format printing on the market today. It requires no knowledge of printer drivers, RIPs, color management or any other special proficiency. The on-screen controls are intuitive enough that even grade school children routinely use it without assistance.

Imagine the profit you can realize when such a simple but effective product is available for your customers. They can bring in their personal photos on a variety of media and reproduce them in a wide array of sizes. Easy-to-use editing features allow them to crop their photos, adjust color/brightness/contrast, add text, or apply a border overlay before outputting their creation on whichever type of printer media you make available. Once people see the results, they always come back with more ideas!

In addition to the direct sales from your walk-in customers, FotoZoomer can generate even more income for you through endless creative business applications:

  • Partner with local artists and photographers to sell on-demand prints of their work which can be stored on the system's built-in image library .
  • Entice local businesses to create economical custom signage using FotoZoomer's collection of pre-made sign templates.
  • Secure booth space at fairs, shows, and other events. Let customers take home prints of photos taken at the event or sell pre-made posters.
  • Contact local schools and coordinate fund raising efforts through poster sales of team and club photos.
  • ... the possibilites are infinite. Your income potential is limited only by your imagination!

To learn more about the exciting opportunities that FotoZomer holds for you and your business please contact:

Eric Steadham
(864) 286-6868

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